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At Grassmoor, we treat every installation as an individual project. Just as no two homes are the same, no two jobs we do will be exactly alike. That's why we have become experts in tailoring each PVC-U window installation so that it exactly matches the customer's requirements as well as their home.

This is also why we price each project individually. There are so many variables – like the size of the window, the location, the type of glazing, the colour, the finish and the type of hardware needed – that we can only ever provide a quotation after visiting the property and taking in your specific needs.

When you get in touch with us to ask for a free quotation, one of our highly experienced installers will visit your home and conduct a full survey. They'll fill out a complete Grassmoor questionnaire that answers all the questions about your individual requirements and the size and style of your windows. They'll also make sure your new window installation maximizes the light in your rooms, provides optimum energy efficiency, and is completely compliant with building regulations.

These details form the basis of your individual quotation, and we will collate all the information you give us to provide an accurate and fair price based on your specific requirements.

All our installers are experienced and are independently vetted before becoming Grassmoor authorised. This means not only that you will be provided with accurate and clear advice on the right type of window and the best options for your home, but also that you will be quoted the lowest possible price for your new PVC-U windows.

We think life has enough complications without adding more – that's why we make sure we provide quotations that are completely clear and comprehensive – so you won't be shocked by any “hidden extras”.

It's easy to get a quotation for your new windows. Just get in touch with us now and we'll arrange a visit to your property at your earliest convenience.

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