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It’s an unfortunate fact that homes get broken into. If it’s not happened to you it may well have happened to someone you know. No one likes to think of the possibility of an intruder breaking into their home, and domestic burglary can be a distressing experience.


That’s why the safety and security of your home should be a top priority. It pays to protect the people you care about and your possessions, so the value of a decision to invest in new, secure doors can prove priceless. Even better, it can significantly increase the value of your home.


Increased security is one of the main reasons householders decide to replace their doors. Reducing the risk of a break-in is top of the list of priorities, followed by enhancing the property’s looks and energy efficiency. At Grassmoor, we place security at the top of our list too.


Secured by design

Our PVC-U door system achieves the requirements of the Secured by Design scheme, the official UK Police flagship initiative that supports and promotes the principles of crime prevention through secure design and engineering.

So you can rest assured that, when you buy a Grassmoor replacement door, you are investing in one of the safest and most secure products on the market.


Many burglaries result from criminals seeing opportunities and taking them. You can easily outsmart a thief by replacing your doors with a kitemarked brand that you can really trust, with an unmatched track record in providing complete security. And you can rest safe in the knowledge that all Grassmoor fabricators and installers are fully vetted, work to our Code of Practice and are regularly and rigorously policed.


Our installers are experts at securing households, and will be able to deliver all the advice and information you’ll need, free of jargon, fully comprehensive and completely comprehensible. And because our profile systems achieve the requirements of Secured by Design, we offer certified security.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can secure your home for good.

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