Many of our customers wish to replace their PVC-U windows at the same time as replacing their doors, which is why we offer a complementary range of options when it comes to your new doors' colours and finishes. The result is a unified, elegant appearance that can significantly increase the value of your property.

At Grassmoor, we offer our customers complete adaptability and versatility. Because each of our installations is tailored to suit its specific location, no two are exactly the same. And to make sure that every replacement door completely befits its surroundings, we offer the same comprehensive colour range for our doors as we do for our windows.

The Grassmoor Options Colour Range has been selected with modern homeowners in mind. Our most recent selection of shades includes Vanilla, a warm cream colour that complements a range of styles but is ideally suited to both modern and traditional red brick homes.

Colours exclusive to Grassmoor

Another new addition is Barley Water, an exclusive colour that was developed following extensive research into trends within the home improvement market. A subtle blend of beige, green and cream, the shade is already very popular on new and renovated homes, especially barn conversions.

Two green colours, Chartwell and the brand new Willow Green, which is exclusive to Grassmoor, enhance the range and offer an attractive alternative for those seeking something slightly different.

As well as the Grassmoor Options Colour Range, we offer a carefully chosen selection of authentic wood finishes for our doors – from the rich Sienna, which mimics cherrywood, through to the lighter Irish Oak, which is selected to complement more traditional homes. All finishes have a subtle grain effect to give them texture, and the matt finish reflects less sunlight and effectively mimics real wood.

Replacement PVC-U doors enhance the look of a property, and are just as effective whether they are applied in a modern, contemporary setting or combined with graceful period styling. The Grassmoor range of colours and finishes gives our customers the opportunity to make sure their replacement doors provide good looks that will last for years.

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